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The Football League is one of the oldest and most competitive football leagues in the world and has been a platform for some of the most iconic clubs and players in the sport. But it isn't just the big clubs that have made their mark in this league, as a number of Welsh teams have had remarkable success over the years. From Cardiff City to Newport County, Welsh football teams have made their presence felt in the Football League, and this article looks to give an overview of those teams and their performances. From Cardiff City's promotion to the Premier League in 2018 to Newport County's incredible FA Cup run in 2019, Welsh teams have been making waves in the Football League for decades. This article will look at the history of Welsh teams in the Football League, as well as their current performance and what the future holds for them. The first Welsh team to compete in the Football League was Wrexham, who were founded in 1872. Since then, a number of other Welsh sides have joined them, including Cardiff City, Swansea City and Newport County.

The teams have had varying levels of success over the years. Wrexham are the most successful Welsh side in terms of major trophies, winning the FA Cup in 1877 and the Third Division North title in 1920. Cardiff City have enjoyed their fair share of success too, winning the FA Cup in 1927 and 2008, as well as gaining promotion to the Premier League in 2013. Swansea City have also had their moments of glory, winning promotion to the Premier League in 2011 and winning the League Cup in 2013. Newport County have struggled to maintain their status in the Football League, but they have had some memorable moments, including winning promotion to the Third Division South in 1932. Currently, the Welsh teams are performing well in the Football League. Wrexham are currently in the National League (5th Tier), while Cardiff City are competing in the Championship (2nd Tier).

Swansea City and Newport County are both competing in League Two (4th Tier). Despite this, all four teams are still capable of making a push for promotion this season. Despite their varying levels of success, all four Welsh teams are still well-supported by their local communities. Wrexham and Newport County both have average attendances of over 4,000 per game, while Cardiff City and Swansea City both have average attendances of over 20,000 per game.

Current Standings

Currently, four Welsh teams are competing in the Football League. Swansea City, Cardiff City, Wrexham and Newport County are all competing in the English Football League System.

Swansea City is currently playing in the Championship, the second tier of English football. After gaining promotion from the third tier in 2011, they have been a mainstay in the Championship, reaching the playoffs twice and winning promotion to the Premier League in 2011. They have been relegated back to the Championship since then and currently sit 12th in the league table. Cardiff City is also playing in the Championship, where they are currently 9th in the table. They gained promotion from League Two back in 2014 and have been a consistent presence in the Championship since.

Wrexham is playing in the fifth tier of English football, League Two. Despite having a long history of success in Welsh football, they have been unable to make a return to the Football League since their relegation in 2008. Finally, Newport County are playing in League Two as well. They are currently 19th in the table and have just recently gained promotion from the National League.


Wales has a long tradition of football and a number of teams have competed in the Football League since its inception in 1888. The Welsh clubs have had varying levels of success in the League, ranging from winning major trophies to battling against relegation.

The most successful Welsh team in the Football League is Swansea City, who were promoted to the Premier League in 2011. Swansea have won the League Cup in 2013, and the FA Cup in 1964. Cardiff City have been a regular fixture in the League since their promotion to the Second Division in 1921. They have been runners-up in the FA Cup twice and won the League Cup in 2012. Other notable Welsh teams include Wrexham, who were members of the Football League from 1921 to 2008, when they were relegated after a 2-1 defeat to Gillingham. Newport County were also members of the League for much of the 20th century, but were relegated in 1988 after 49 years in the top four divisions. The club returned to the Football League in 2013 after a successful campaign in the Conference. The current Welsh teams competing in the Football League are Swansea City and Cardiff City, who are both competing in the Championship. Newport County are competing in League Two, while Wrexham are currently playing in the National League.


Welsh teams in the Football League have had varying levels of performance over the years.

Some have achieved great success, while others have struggled to stay afloat. The most successful team in recent years has been Swansea City, who won the League Cup in 2013 and were promoted to the Premier League in 2011. Cardiff City have also enjoyed some success in recent years, winning the Championship in 2013 and being promoted to the Premier League in 2018. Wrexham and Newport County have had mixed fortunes in their respective leagues, with Wrexham being relegated from the Football League in 2008 and Newport County struggling to gain promotion. Merthyr Town were relegated from the National League South in 2020. The most successful Welsh football team historically is Cardiff City, who won the FA Cup in 1927 and were also runners-up in 1925. Wrexham have also had some success, winning the Third Division North title in 1977. Merthyr Town have been champions of the Southern League on multiple occasions. In recent years, Welsh teams have been more successful at gaining promotion than winning trophies.

Swansea City, Cardiff City and Newport County have all been promoted to higher divisions, while Wrexham have been relegated from the Football League multiple times. Despite these successes, Welsh teams have not been able to break into the top flight of English football. Swansea City came close in 2011 but were eventually beaten by Reading in the play-off final. Cardiff City also came close but were beaten by Blackpool in the play-off final in 2017. Overall, Welsh teams have had varying levels of success in the Football League over the years. Some teams have been able to gain promotion and win trophies, while others have struggled to stay afloat.

It remains to be seen if any Welsh teams can break into the top flight of English football. Welsh football teams have a proud history in the Football League and many fans still remain devoted to their local sides. All four teams have the potential to reach success this season, and with a bit of luck they could be competing with English sides at a higher level in the near future.

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