Which team did arsenal football club beat to win their first ever league title (first division, 1930-31)?

The Gunners had won the first trophy in the club's history. Now, let's move forward just one year later. Arsenal's line of attack formed by Jack Lambert, David Jack and Cliff Bastin combined to achieve an incredible 97 goals in the 1930-1931 season. Arsenal became the first team south of Birmingham to win a First Division title.

In 1930, Alex James and Jack Lambert scored when Arsenal won their first major trophy in their first match at Wembley. It was also the first time that the BBC paid for the broadcasting rights of a match. Arsenal produced impressive football and, as their goal count suggests, handed out a series of rounds. Joe Hulme also contributed 14 goals, as Arsenal accumulated 127 goals in the league, a club record in a single season.

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