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The FA Cup is one of the oldest and most prestigious football competitions in the world, and its records are some of the most sought-after by football fans. From records of goals scored to records of wins, this competition has produced some remarkable feats over the years. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most impressive FA Cup records and explore the stories behind them. Whether you're a fan of the competition or just curious about the history of the FA Cup, this article is sure to be a fascinating read for anyone interested in football's rich history. So, without further ado, let's dive into some of the most impressive records of the FA Cup. The FA Cup is one of the oldest and most prestigious football tournaments in the world.

Since its founding in 1871, the tournament has seen countless records set and broken, from individual players' accomplishments to team feats. Here, we'll take a look at some of the most impressive records and achievements in FA Cup history. One of the most remarkable individual records belongs to former Arsenal forward Ted Drake. In 1935, Drake scored seven goals in a single match against Aston Villa, a feat which has never been matched in any FA Cup match since. Drake's record-breaking performance secured Arsenal a 10–2 win, the highest scoreline in FA Cup final history. Another remarkable individual record is held by former Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard.

Gerrard scored 21 goals in the FA Cup, making him the highest-scoring midfielder in the competition's history. Gerrard's goal-scoring feats are all the more remarkable given that he only played in three FA Cup finals during his career. When it comes to team records, one of the most impressive is held by Arsenal. The team holds the record for the longest winning streak in FA Cup history, having won 14 consecutive matches between 2001 and 2005. During this run, they won two FA Cup titles and reached the semi-finals of the competition four times. Another remarkable team record belongs to Manchester United, who have made the most appearances in FA Cup finals. The team have appeared in 20 finals, winning 12 of them.

This impressive feat is all the more remarkable given that Manchester United have only been competing in the tournament since 1885. Finally, one of the most remarkable records belongs to Tottenham Hotspur. The team holds the record for the most consecutive appearances in FA Cup finals, having reached nine consecutive finals between 1901 and 1909. During this run, they won four titles and reached five semi-finals. These are just some of the many remarkable records and achievements that have been made in FA Cup history. From individual players' accomplishments to team feats, these records illustrate the long and storied history of this prestigious tournament.

Most Appearances

The team with the most appearances in the FA Cup is Arsenal, with a total of 131 entries. This impressive record has been achieved over a period of 118 years since the club first entered the tournament in the 1902-03 season.

Arsenal have won the FA Cup a total of 13 times, making them the most successful team in the competition's history. They have also been runners-up on seven occasions. The second-highest number of appearances is held by Manchester United, who have competed in the tournament 111 times since 1905-06. They have won the FA Cup 12 times and been runners-up on five occasions. It is worth noting that Manchester United's last appearance in the final was in 2016, while Arsenal's last appearance was in 2017. The third-most successful team in terms of appearances is Aston Villa, who have entered the tournament 103 times since 1887-88. They have won the FA Cup seven times and been runners-up on four occasions.

These three teams have dominated the FA Cup for many years, with their impressive records reflecting their success in the competition. The fact that all three teams have managed to remain consistently competitive over such a long period of time is a testament to their quality and resilience.

Most Goals Scored

The FA Cup has seen some incredible goalscorers over the years, but which team holds the record for the most goals scored?The answer is Arsenal. The Gunners have scored a staggering total of 140 goals in the FA Cup since 1871, with the most recent record-breaking goal being scored by Danny Welbeck in 2017. This impressive record is largely down to Arsenal's strong attacking prowess over the years. The club has won the FA Cup more times than any other team, and they have consistently shown their class in front of goal. What makes this record even more impressive is that it has been achieved despite the fact that Arsenal have only reached the final on 13 occasions.

This means that they have scored an average of 10.8 goals per final, demonstrating their ability to make the most of their opportunities. It is also worth noting that Arsenal's record has been achieved despite having played against some of the biggest teams in Europe in the competition. This shows just how good Arsenal have been at finding the back of the net in the FA Cup.

The Longest Winning Streak

The longest winning streak in the FA Cup belongs to Arsenal FC, who won the cup seven consecutive times from 2001-2006. This streak is all the more remarkable considering that no team had achieved such a feat in the previous 100 years of the competition's history. The Gunners were unstoppable during this period, winning all their matches in the tournament with an average margin of victory of two goals. Under the stewardship of legendary manager Arsene Wenger, Arsenal dominated their opponents, with the likes of Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires and other star players leading the way. This run of victories was made even more impressive by the fact that Arsenal faced some of the strongest teams in English football during this time, including Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. Despite facing stiff competition, Arsenal remained undefeated throughout their seven-year winning streak. This record is a testament to the quality of football produced by Arsenal during this period and is unlikely to be matched any time soon.

It stands as one of the most impressive feats in FA Cup history and a reminder of the Gunner's incredible dominance during this period. The impressive records set in the FA Cup over the years demonstrate why it is one of the most prestigious football tournaments in the world. The longest winning streak, most appearances, and most goals scored are all remarkable achievements that have stood the test of time. It is likely that these records may be broken in future years, but they will always remain a testament to the rich history of this tournament. The FA Cup has been around for almost 150 years, and its longevity is a testament to the legacy it has created. It has produced some of the greatest moments in footballing history and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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