Who are arsenal football club's biggest rivals?

The North London derby is the reunion of the soccer clubs Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, both based in North London, England. Fans of both clubs consider the other to be their main rival, and many consider the derby to be one of the fiercest derbies in the world. Chelsea leads the all-time series, 53-43, with 31 draws. The rivalry between the West Brom-Wolves dates back to the 19th century, and today the authorities take appropriate precautions when teams meet by closing local bars.

Liverpool-Manchester United is England's biggest and most heated rivalry. United leads the all-time series, 61-53-44, and has a 19-18 lead in titles. However, Liverpool have won five European titles against United's three. It all revolves around the first four.

That's all we can talk about now, because that's all Arsenal has left to play in the Premier League this season. There's no doubt that Roman Abramovich has spent a lot of money since he bought the club in 2003, so perhaps that's one of the main factors behind people's hatred for the club. Soccer fans across the country have banded together to vote for their club's most loved and hated team. The 2003 census of football fans showed that there was also animosity between the fans of Luton Town and those of Queens Park Rangers, a club in west London.

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