What is the current record transfer fee received by liverpool f.c?

Panic buying or showing strength after the sale of Fernando Torres? Judge for yourself, but Andy Carroll was never able to maintain an important role in the Liverpool team despite his record of 35 million pounds. Suarez's career at Liverpool was relatively brief, but he soon won the love of the Reds faithful as one of the most skilled players to ever wear the Liverpool shirt. Kenny Dalglish, future Liverpool player, became Liverpool's record signing on August 10, 1977, when he arrived from Celtic for 440,000 pounds when he was 26 years old. Tony Hateley had arrived at Liverpool in 1967 when he was 19 years old, with a thriving reputation as one of England's best young strikers.

Liverpool spent a record fee to sign him for Anfield. Liverpool signed Tony Hateley, 26, from Chelsea on July 5, 1967 for 96,000 pounds, 31,000 pounds more than Liverpool had paid five months earlier for Emlyn Hughes. Nicknamed “the wizard” by Liverpool fans, Coutinho left Liverpool with 54 goals and 45 assists in 201 games. He is the third Liverpool signing from Newcastle to hold the distinction of being Liverpool's record purchase, following in the footsteps of Albert Stubbins and Peter Beardsley.

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