Which team did arsenal football club beat to win their first ever emirates cup (emirates cup, 2007)?

Arsenal won the first tournament, after defeating their French rivals 2-1 and defeating Inter by the same score, thanks to a late goal from Robin van Persie. Galatasaray defeated Arsenal to win the Emirates Cup at the Emirates Stadium. Didier Drogba, who was so often the undoing of Arsene Wenger, returned to pursue the Gunners when his last quick double handed the trophy to the Istanbul-based team. The world-famous Vietnamese Arsenal fan earned his nickname after running eight miles next to the Gunners team bus during the club's recent tour of the Far East.

After Arsenal's Emirates Cup match against Napoli, Arsene Wenger admitted to the media, according to ESPN, that the club had made an offer for the Liverpool forward. The live audio stream is available through the Arsenal website, through its subscription-based Arsenal Player service. The Emirates Cup is a pre-season invitational soccer competition organized by the English club Arsenal at its headquarters, the Emirates Stadium, in Holloway, London. The Red Bulls were the winners after beating PSG and drawing Arsenal with an own goal in the 84th minute by Arsenal defender Kyle Bartley.

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