Who is the best liverpool player of all time?

The 10 best football players from Liverpool FC Kenny Dalglish. Kenny Dalglish is a Liverpool FC legend, affectionately known as “King Kenny” by fans. Steven Gerrard is often considered the best player in Liverpool's history. For many fans and teammates, Luis Suárez is the most talented football player to have played for Liverpool.

Over the years, Liverpool has consolidated its position as one of the elite clubs in European football. Throughout its rich history, it has managed to win 18 league titles, five European Cups and seven FA Cups. Here's my list of the 10 best Liverpool players of all time. Despite sporadic injuries, the Spaniard managed to score 81 goals in 142 games for the club.

He became the first red player since Robbie Fowler (1996-9) to score more than 30 goals in one season. When Steve McMahon plays well, I always think Liverpool will play well (through Liverpool FC). At the tender age of 17 years and 143 days, Owen was able to get behind the Wimbledon defense and throw his low shot to the goalkeeper's left. The fast-paced Irishman signed for Liverpool in 1970, at the age of 22, relatively unknown.

Although Heighway managed to score 75 goals during his time with the Reds, it was his pinpoint accuracy in the crosses that earned him the most recognition. Nobody even comes close to the total of 857 games Ian Callaghan recorded during his long career with the Reds. During his nearly 15-year career with the Reds, Hansen won it all. Alan Hansen is the defender with the pedigree of an international forward.

He's simply the most skilled center I've ever seen in the British game. It's a pleasure to see you. Alan has always been an excellent soccer player, a very balanced player who carries the ball with control and grace (via LFC). Barnes scored 108 goals in his 10 years with the Reds, a truly remarkable feat that has established him as one of Liverpool's best players.

He was a real inspiration during his time as a red player and he holds Liverpool's all-time scoring record with 346 goals in 660 games. With 172 goals scored for Liverpool, King Kenny is probably best remembered for his decisive goal in the 1978 European Cup final. The deadly duo formed by Dalglish and Rush wreaked havoc across the continent and sowed fear in the eyes of their opponents in the late 1970s. Gerrard has scored more than 150 goals during his 14 years with the first team.

The previous season, Gerrard was central to Liverpool's incredible victory from behind in the Champions League final against AC Milan, as he won dramatically on penalties after losing 3-0 at halftime. Even without winning the Premier League trophy, Gerrard is still one of Liverpool's best players, thanks in part to scoring 186 goals and 154 assists in 710 games. The Scot scored 172 goals in 515 games. He scored 285 goals in 381 games for the Reds in all competitions.

Hunt scored 244 of those league goals, making him Liverpool's all-time leading goal scorer in league football. Liddell's time at Liverpool was a lifetime ago and, sadly, the striker died more than 20 years ago. Liddell joined Liverpool in 1938 and signed a professional contract nine months later. Due to World War II, it wasn't until January 5, 1946 that Liddel made his official debut with the club.

The goals flowed from Liddell, whether with the right foot, the left foot or the head. The forward scored 228 goals, making him one of the Merseysiders' all-time best players. Although his record has been broken, Liddell is still No. Ian Rush is Liverpool's all-time leading goal scorer with 346 career goals.

It's a number that may never be surpassed. Rush scored goals for Liverpool in 15 seasons at Anfield. In five of those campaigns, Rush scored 30 or more goals in all competitions. With English football hungry for money due to the ban on competing in Europe, Liverpool sold Rush to the Bianconeri for 3.2 million pounds.

Rush would return to Anfield a season later, after scoring 13 goals for the Italians and struggling to adapt to life on the Peninsula. At one point, Liverpool achieved an incredible record of 145 games without losing when Rush scored. Steven Gerrard was one of those rare types of players who personally embodies a team. A local boy from Merseyside, Gerrard started playing for Liverpool's youth team at the age of nine.

Eight years later, Gerrard signed a professional contract with the club, and the rest is history. Gerrard won nine major titles in his 17 years at Liverpool and became the only player in history to score in a League Cup final, an FA Cup final, a UEFA Cup final and a UEFA Champions League final. Jamaican born John Barnes moved to London in 1976 at the age of 12 and was signed by Watford four years later to begin his brilliant football career. In 1987, Barnes decided to leave Watford, which gave Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson the opportunity to sign the young man.

Ferguson missed the opportunity and allowed Liverpool to sign Barnes. It was one of Ferguson's rare mistakes. In the 1978—79 season, Hansen was the point guard for Liverpool's defense, which conceded just 16 goals in 42 games. He appeared in 620 games for Liverpool in 14 seasons, placing tenth of all time in games with the club.

While Liverpool's dominance in the 1980s is mainly attributed to the scoring prowess of Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush, Alan Hansen's solid defense cannot be underscored in terms of his importance to the team's success. Liverpool's best defender of all time is Alan Hansen. The 6'2-foot Scot joined Liverpool in 1977 along with Kenny Dalglish and Graeme Souness, and maintained Liverpool's rear for the next 14 seasons he spent at Anfield. He won the First Division eight times, the League Cup four times, the European Cup three times, and the FA Cup twice.

Although Ian Rush beats him in most goals with the Liverpool shirt, Kenny Dalglish has to become Liverpool's best striker of all time. With 857 games for Liverpool over 19 seasons, Ian Callaghan has a Liverpool record that he will almost certainly never beat. Gerrard dragged Liverpool almost unaided through some difficult moments during the 2000s, acting like a real-life Roy from Rovers, scoring sensational 30-yard volleys in stoppage time, inspiring some mediocre players around him and keeping Liverpool competitive. Quite simply, if you had removed Gerrard from Liverpool during his time, Liverpool would have been in the middle of the table.

The former Liverpool captain joined Liverpool at the tender age of 9 after being discovered by scouts while playing for the local club Whiston Juniors. .

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