Who are arsenal football club's most iconic players?

The 50 best Gunners players: Sandy Ducat, Malcolm Macdonald, Alan Ball, Alex James, Frank Stapleton, Tony Woodcock, David Jack and Peter Storey. Like Robin van Persie, Frank Stapleton is one of the few players who has represented both Arsenal and Manchester United. During his stay in North London, he scored more than a century of goals. Ironically, he is most commonly remembered for his header goal in the 1979 FA Cup final victory over United.

Alan Ball, the youngest Lion in the World Cup-winning English pack, arrived at Arsenal five years later and became an inexhaustible figure for the Gunners. In a deteriorating team, Ball was a real spark of quality, as he kept the rest of the team together and scored more than 50 goals from midfield in five years. Nearly 50 years after his retirement, Bastin's incredible record was broken. He achieved incredible things in another era of the game, but Bastin's exploits transcended Herbert Chapman's generation.

He's simply one of the best scorers of all time, and of all time. Nwankwo Kanu was involved in controversy in his Arsenal debut when the forward was unable to return the ball to Sheffield United in the FA Cup, and Arsenal offered to repeat the tie. Arsenal signed Kenny Sansom in exchange for Clive Allen, whom they had turned into the most expensive teenager in world football a few weeks earlier. In fact, McLintock's first years at Arsenal were so bad that he insisted that Arsenal take off their white sleeves, as it was very difficult to live up to the famous equipment.

He was strong, fast, had incredible vision and a fierce shot, and his soccer brain was second to none: he simply made soccer fun. It was great when Arsenal won the double in 2002, and from another world, as they scored 30 and Arsenal went undefeated in 2003-04. He has transcended the club to be recognized as one of the classiest, most devastating and skillful players in history. Gilberto arrived at Arsenal without ever playing in European football and instantly won fans with his calm with the ball and his excellent reading of the game. Thanks to him, Arsenal reached that final, and he captained them to the trophy just a few weeks later, in his last match with the club.

Sansom would become one of the best left-backs in British football and an omnipresent figure for Arsenal during his first season. Although Arsenal only won the 1979 FA Cup during his time at the club, he was an imperious figure among the sticks with Arsenal and became one of the fans' favorites because of his firm and calm presence. Bergkamp was one of the most talented players in the Premier League and his genius led Arsenal to win three titles. As part of Inside Arsenal Week in Bleacher Report, we have decided to rank the 100 best players in the club's history.

Wilson was a trusted figure in one of the best Arsenal teams in history, and a true servant of the club, he remained at Arsenal decades later, coaching David Seaman in two more doubles.

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