Which football club has won the most premier league?

Manchester United has won twenty titles, the most of any other club. Liverpool, United's rival, is second with nineteen. Behind them are Liverpool and Chelsea again, with 19 and 13 titles won in total, both in the Premier League and in the First Division. Just one title behind Manchester City, Arsenal is ranked fourth among the clubs with the most Premier League titles won.

You know, before the formation of the EPL in 1992, the First Division was the top tier league in the English football league system, so clubs that have won both league titles have won the first-tier league title regardless of when they were in the first division. Formed on February 20, 1992, the English Premier League was created by clubs from the First Division of the Football League. The former Borussia Dortmund coach swept English football by storm with his fluid style of attacking football in his early years at the club, but he couldn't translate it into success. They have always competed in the highest league in English football, whether it's Premier League or First Division, and that's why they're one of the great English clubs despite not having won it.

Therefore, you have the right to consider them as one and to call Liverpool one of the best clubs in English football. And here ends the list of clubs that have won real Premier League titles, since there is no other club left that has won the EPL title. So, although they don't top the list of clubs with the most EPL titles won, they are still among the best clubs in the Premier League considering that the rest of the Premier League clubs have won fewer titles than them. After the English top flight was renamed Premiership or Premier League, Chelsea Football Club won 5 titles in England's first division of football.

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