Who is the best player in arsenal football club?

It's sad that Arsene Wenger made the mistake of choosing William Gallas over the Ivorian Kolo Touré when the two got into a fight when they were together at Arsenal, because Touré was truly a fantastic player. Nigel Winterburn held the role of left-back at Arsenal for more than a decade after his 350,000 pound transfer from Wimbledon, and was as complete a player as will be seen in that position. Winterburn proved to be a fantastic ball cruiser when he launched a forward bombardment to support an Arsenal attack, and his defensive virtues were frequently praised, as he flanked a fantastic central defensive association formed by Tony Adams and Martin Keown. Another player who demonstrated remarkable longevity at Arsenal, Lee Dixon flanked the other side of Arsenal's famous line of defense in the 1990s.

One of the smartest decisions Arsene Wenger made in his early days at Arsenal was to bring Marc Overmars from Ajax, and the Dutchman undoubtedly left his mark on the club. When they bought him at Stoke City in 1988, Steve Bould became part of Arsenal's famous defense of the early 1990s, which included such stalwart players as Tony Adams, Lee Dixon, Nigel Winterburn and David Seaman. As much as Arsenal fans love to hate him, most reluctantly recognize that he was a world-class left-back when he played for the club. Although his playing time was relatively short in his later years, the fact that Winterburn was able to remain at Arsenal until the age of 37 demonstrates his remarkable physical prowess and his value to the Arsenal team.

The Arsenal Player of the Season award is an official award given by Arsenal Football Club to the player with the club's best performance throughout the season. From great players to local club legends, Wenger has nurtured them all and used his incredible talent to create some of the best teams English football has ever seen. You could argue that Sol Campbell should be given the go-ahead in this case, but it's hard to deny the honor to Keown, who served Arsenal for a total of 13 years and who formed the basis of Arsenal's legendary defenses in the 1990s. Arsene Wenger is the most successful coach in Arsenal Football Club history and has therefore worked with some outstanding players.

The prize is awarded based on the votes of Arsenal fans on the club's website, and was previously based on the votes of the Arsenal Supporters' Trust. Coming from small Halmstads BK in 1998, the Swede immediately brought his athletic and fluid soccer style to the Premier League to help Arsenal achieve their greatest successes in the early 2000s. With two years to go, several high-profile clubs have been interested in tempting him thanks to his exploits with Arsenal and England and not yet. 21 Always a man for big occasions, Arsenal fans remember his thrilling contribution to the 1-0 win at Old Trafford in March 1998 and the double, a couple of months later, that brought Arsenal the title in the famous victory over Everton at home.

Passionate about the club and vocal leader when it's needed most, Granit is one of the club's most important players. While Arsenal could get a good price for him, even with the entry of William Saliba, keeping Gabriel is key to restoring the club to the level of the Champions League.

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