Who scored the most goals for arsenal football club in their career?

Thierry Henry is considered one of the best players in history and is undoubtedly an absolute Arsenal icon. Fellow Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp is another true legend of the club and is in eleventh place with 120 goals, including some of the best in the club's history. Arsenal is undoubtedly one of the most popular and renowned football clubs in the world and has created some of the most attractive teams from an aesthetic point of view, with some extremely skilled attackers in its long and illustrious history. More recently, Robin van Persie slightly tarnished his legacy at Arsenal by trading the club for Manchester United, but the Dutchman enjoyed a very productive season with the Gunners and is in eighth place.

He defined an era while playing for Arsenal and is at the top of the scoring table of all time with 228 goals scored, being the only player with more than 200 goals scored for the club.

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