Who holds the record for most appearances for arsenal football club in their career?

Arsenal has won 13 top flight titles and holds the record for the most wins in the FA Cup, with 14. The player who has scored the most games for the club is David O'Leary,. European football · David O'Leary · John Radford (soccer player). The club was formed in Woolwich in 1886 as Dial Square before being renamed Royal Arsenal, and then Woolwich Arsenal in 1893. Cliff Bastin, one of the first players to remain at Arsenal for a significant period of time, established himself as the best player in club history for a period of decades after his retirement. As a right back, Rice was an omnipresent leader for Arsenal teams in the 1970s and participated in five FA Cup finals, an Arsenal record, defeating Manchester United in the famous 1979 victory.

Arsenal Football Club, a football club based in Islington, London, was founded in 1886 as Dial Square. Dixon, a regular player in the Arsenal teams he played for more than a decade, flanked the other side of Arsenal's famous baseline in the 1990s. For 18 years in the senior team, between 1975 and 1993, the Irishman was an omnipresent force in many Arsenal teams and, finally, played the role of mentor to club legend Tony Adams, to whom O'Leary gave the captain's armband in the 1980s. The club's longest-serving captain is Tony Adams, who was captain of the club for 14 years between 1988 and 2002, and is often referred to as Mr.

Arsenal. He has several English football records, including the longest undefeated streak in the top flight, with 49. The Kent Junior Cup, won by the Royal Arsenal reserves, was the club's first trophy, while the first team's first trophy came three weeks later, when it won the Kent Senior Cup.

Arsenal Football Club

is an English professional football club based in Islington, London. It also records the notable achievements of Arsenal players on the international stage and the highest transfer fees paid and received by the club.

However, the defender's dedication to Arsenal extends even further, as Rice has been Arsenal's coach in some capacity since his retirement in 1984 and has been Arsene Wenger's trusted assistant during the Frenchman's 15-year reign in North London.

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