Who holds the record for most clean sheets for arsenal football club in their career?

John Lukic — 114- Arsenal goalkeepers with the most clean sheets. John Lukic played for only two clubs during his playing career: Leeds United. The Irish goalkeeper was a Tottenham goalkeeper for 13 years before spending eight years at Arsenal. Others who have crossed the dividing line tend to be loved and hated in equal measure, but not Jennings.

Whether you're strolling along White Hart Lane or the Emirates Stadium, you're in for a warm welcome. Jennings is one of the best players to ever wear a pair of goalkeeper gloves. He won a record 119 games for Northern Ireland in an international career that lasted 22 years, played more than 1000 games at the highest level, was named Footballer of the Year in 1973, won five major trophies, received an MBE and an OBE and even scored a goal in the 1967 Charity Shield. He finished his 8-year career in North London with 303 first-class games, before moving on to Blackburn Rovers and then to Tranmere Rovers.

He was also international with England three times. John Lukic played for just two clubs during his playing career, Leeds United and Arsenal, but changed teams a couple of times. So who are the 5 best Arsenal goalkeepers with the most clean sheets of all time? Which goalkeepers have been Arsenal's best goalkeepers? The list includes all of Arsenal's goalkeepers from both the League era and the Premier League.

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