Who holds the record for most assists for arsenal football club in their career?

Dennis Bergkamp is the fifth player with the most goals in Premier League history, but all of his 94 assists went to Arsenal in the competition. Ryan Giggs holds the record for the most assists in Premier League history. The great Manchester United player provided 162 assists in 632 games during his 24-year professional career with the club. Which player tops the list of most assists in Premier League history? The number of Ryan Giggs with the most assists in league history seems to stand out.

This is because the only players who are still active in the division are ranked eight and nine on the list, and all are over thirty years old. Messi is also the all-time top goal scorer in the history of football. Join us as we share the players with the most assists in an all-time Premier League season. Breaking the record for most assists in Premier League history currently set by Ryan Giggs seems impossible.

Manchester City's talisman, Kevin De Bruyne, is currently the only player who can change the top three roster by replacing Rooney.

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