Who is the all-time leading appearance maker for liverpool f.c?

Jamie Carragher is the second player with the most games with 737. Eight other players have played more than 600 games for the club, each of whom was part of at least one European Cup-winning team. The formidable defender said goodbye to the Reds on a special afternoon at Anfield, more than 16 years after his first game with the club. As was due, a clean sheet marked the occasion, with Queens Park Rangers defeated 1-0 in Carragher's last game. Along the way, they also scored 68 goals, a prized first FA Cup in 1965, five league titles, two UEFA Cups, and a World Cup win with England, just to mention the highlights.

He also holds the record for the most European games with the Reds, with 150, after winning the UEFA Cup and the Champions League. The talisman offensive midfielder is the only player in the club's top five, both in games and in goals, with a whopping 186 that this Academy graduate has won. Captain of the Reds for a dozen of his 17 years in the first team, Gerrard won the European Cup, the FA Cup and the League Cup as a skipper. Both were signed by Shankly in 1967 and would become fundamental figures, as the team enjoyed unprecedented national and European success in the following decade.

No forward has played more games for Liverpool than Rush; nor can anyone match his 346-goal streak in all competitions. Apart from a season with Juventus, the Welshman spent 16 years in the first team of Anfield, providing unparalleled firepower to continue winning trophies. Neal's 11 years at Liverpool coincided with a period of remarkably sustained success, which included just eight league titles and four European Cups. Grobbelaar established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the club's history over 13 seasons in Liverpool's first team.

Signed in March 1981, his career at Anfield began early in the next campaign and he played more than 60 games in each of his first five years in XI, including all league games. McManaman played 274 league games for Liverpool as a midfielder and midfielder from 1991 to 1999, scoring 47 goals. Things turned ugly towards the end of his career at Anfield due to his involvement in youth culture and a bitter contract dispute. As The Times wrote in its ranking of Liverpool's 50 best players, Dalglish is one of the most important figures in Liverpool's history along with legendary coach Bill Shankly.

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