Has liverpool ever had a blue kit?

The “red dawn” began on September 1, 1896, when the Liverpool Daily Post reported that Liverpool were wearing red shirts and white shorts for the first time. When the teams met again at Turf Moor in March 1914, Liverpool presented themselves with black and white stripes (Burnley had changed to blue and white stripes), anticipating that Liverpool would play with their red shirt and returned to the locker room to put on their usual claret and blue stripes (Burnley Express, March 18, 1991). Their good form continued and Liverpool had a successful opening season, narrowly defeating Blackpool and Bury to win the Lancashire League and Liverpool District. Cup against Everton.

The Liverpool Echo (September 22, 1992) reported that Liverpool wore white shirts with Cambridge blue sleeves at Burnley. Liverpool intended to wear their red and white socks for the game, but the FA insisted on changing them, so Liverpool took the field wearing white shirts, black shorts and blue and white hoop socks.

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