Which club has beaten arsenal the most?

The team with which Arsenal has played the most league games is Manchester United, which they faced for the first time in the 1894-95 Football League season; the 83 losses in 204 games are more than they have lost to any other club. Woolwich Arsenal was the first South member of the Football League, starting in the Second Division and moving to the First Division in 1904. Arsenal and Manchester United are two of the most important clubs in the world and will meet in the Premier League this weekend. The club was formed in Woolwich in 1886 as Royal Arsenal before being renamed Woolwich Arsenal in 1893. The first match of the Arsenal Football League was against Newcastle United, and they faced their 85th and most recent opponent in different leagues, A. Two of the most successful football clubs in Spain are Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid, which often face each other for the La Liga championship.

His record against every club faced in these interrupted competitions, in addition to the Football League and the Premier League, is detailed below. Arsenal has also defeated Manchester United in league competitions 71 times, representing the most losses for Manchester United against any club. Arsenal's first team has competed in several domestic leagues and, in the early years of the club's history, in regionally contested leagues, such as the United League, the Southern District Combination and the Premier Division of the London League. The National League is the lowest division in the English football pyramid organized nationally, and the lowest where professional clubs are represented.

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