What is the capacity of arsenal football club's home stadium?

It currently has a capacity of 60,704 seats, making it the fifth largest football stadium in England by capacity. The Emirates Stadium is a good size, has a capacity of more than 60,000 people and has four levels surrounding it, which looks impressive. Described as “beautiful” and “intimidating” by architect Christopher Lee of Populous, the Emirates Stadium is a four-level stadium. This small soccer corner of London, full of the old and the new, seems to be really the headquarters of Arsenal Football Club, and that these streets are the heart of the club community.

In addition, the club's badges that are displayed on mid-level advertising panels are a warm nod to the club's rich history. Only sporadic reports of Arsenal fans fighting each other, as, in general, Arsenal fans were very generous, wishing us well and regretting the general lack of fighting on the part of their own players. I define myself as a football fan, as a traditionalist and anti-modern stadium, but Arsenal seems to have done a good job in the Emirates. Woolwich Arsenal, which regularly attracts more than 20,000 spectators, began to become a force in the game, until other London teams, such as Chelsea and Clapton Orient, joined the football league, followed by Spurs and Fulham, and the public had alternatives to see, despite the fact that the Manor Ground was next to the tram, it was easier to reach by public transport.

In 1910, Woolwich Arsenal was on the verge of bankruptcy, until Henry Norris, the then president of Fulham FC in the second division, saved the club. We managed to give Arsenal a first goal after an oversight and defense fainting, but even after Arsenal scored a second goal in the second half, I thought a Reading goal would have changed the nature of the game. Norris wanted to merge both clubs and play in the newly built Craven Cottage, but the league refused, so Norris wanted Woolwich Arsenal to share ground with Fulham, once again, in the face of the league's refusal. And during the visit, you can enjoy an audio guide that will explain everything you need to know about the club, the stadium, the victories and all the details that make Arsenal the best club in the world.

The stadium hasn't been functioning as a football stadium for 10 years, since Arsenal has moved to The Emirates, another field that was on my list of “places to visit”. I spent some time on the now world-famous Arsenal Fan TV, without any animosity on the part of the Arsenal fans (more congratulations than hate).

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