Who is liverpool all time transfer record?

Darwin Núñez: 85.6 million pounds (from Benfica, 202). Darwin Núñez became the most expensive player in Liverpool's history when he signed for Benfica. Many of the players on this list helped the club achieve those famous wins, but who are the 10 most expensive players in Liverpool's history? However, he only spent one season at Liverpool, scoring 10 goals, after starting only 14 league games, and was sold for 28 million pounds to Crystal Palace; a decent share, but certainly a loss. After a difficult start to his time with Liverpool, Gakpo ended up scoring seven goals in 21 Premier League games during his first half of the season with the club.

Tony Hateley had arrived at Liverpool in 1967 when he was 19 years old, with a flourishing reputation as one of England's best young strikers. Liverpool spent a record share of the club to take him to Anfield.

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